Tuesday, February 24, 2009

chawan mushi

this is kamaboko you can find this at japanese market

knorr cube you can used chicken,pork and beef
you need the ff:
good for 4 servings
  • 3 eggs

  • beans (green peas will do as substitute)

  • carrots ( you can decorate it like forming shapes)

  • some vegetables will do according to ur taste

  • chicken diced or small cut

  • shrimps

  • 500cc dashi (made from katsuboshi or any will do, you can used also knorr cube)

  • kamaboko slice

  • shoyu for seasoning

  • parsley

  • mushrooms ( u can use shimeji)

  • salt
egg mixture:
1. break the eggs but don't beat to avoid foam like mixture
2. put the 500cc cooled dashi
3. add shoyu and salt according to ur taste
4. strain using net
5. set aside

1. cut the chicken into small portion or dice cut removing those white tissues
2. clean the shrimp by removing the shells and the black veins
3. cut the vegetables into small portions
4. remove roots of mushrooms, tear into easy to eat pieces
5. slice kamaboko into strips

1. prepare 4 chawan mushi ( serving cups) with lids (u can use aluminum foil as substitute if u have no cups with covers)
2. divide all the fillings into 4 cups
3. place the egg mixture in those 4 cups
4. make a double boiler pan (steamer) half filled with water and let it boil
5. place the 4 cups in the steamer and cover it
6. let it heat on a strong fire for 1-2 minutes then reduce the heat and cook it additionally for 12-15 minutes then check if it's done...
7. serve with parsley leaves on top and ready to eat! yummmyyy!

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